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Official FlexManager Website Launch!

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand-new website for FlexManager, our premium workplace compliance and operational management software.  Our new and improved website has been designed to provide our current and potential customers with a full overview of all the award-winning products, services, and hardware options available from FlexManager. At FlexManager, we…

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All Your Company Needs to Know About FlexManager 6.12 Release

FlexManager’s software has been updated to 6.12 and was officially released on December 2nd. Here are some of the key elements and features that will be included in the latest version of our award-winning health and safety system. What is new with FlexManager The FlexManager software has received its latest update to version 6.12. Our…

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FlexManager’s Top Tips for CIF Health and Safety Week 2022

    To promote awareness for CIF Safety Week 2022, we at FlexManager have compiled a list of some of the most important and potentially overlooked workplace health and safety areas. With the evolution of workplace environments in recent years, the ability of employers to maintain a high standard of health and safety has proved…

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FlexManager Receives Canadian 5-Star Award

FlexManager Wins Canada Occupational Safety OHS Software and Technology Provider   We are very proud, and delighted to announce that FlexManager has been awarded this year’s Canadian Occupational Safety OHS Software and Technology Provider 5-star award 2022! FlexManager was first established in 2011 to deal with the needs of large Canadian companies such as North…

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FlexManager 6.10 Official Launch!

  We are delighted to announce that FlexManager 6.10 update has been officially launched. The most recent update of FlexManager has been purpose-built to add value to all of our customers and their employees. FlexManager 6.10 will boast an array of new features and modules designed with our customer’s needs as a priority. An estimated…

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