warehouse worker working in storage department, Working at warehouse.

Location Management

Key Features


Clear oversight of all project activities.

Document Management

Access all documents related to that site from one place.


Manage 1 to 1000 sites through the same processes.


Distribute tasks, employees, assets between sites without complication.

Global Analytics

Measure and compare sites progress through powerful analytics.


GPS links to each location.

What can FlexManager do for you?

Man holding a tablet in his hands without motions, green screen with tracking marks. Stock footage
Prevent information falling through cracks through traceability.
Construction site
Control areas in greater detail through sub-locations.
Pensive foreman reading an e-mail on laptop while working in a warehouse.
All retrievable project information available from a single place.
An architectural practice office, a desktop with blueprints and model and a computer tablet.
Standardise processes and set trends across all locations.