Stock Management

Key Features

Life Cycle

Follow the life cycle of each stock item from delivery to assignment.

Inventroy Management & Stock Takes

Manage all incoming and outgoing inventory levels.


Monitor costs of stock while gaining overview of overall location costs.

NFC Technology & Barcodes

Allow for quick sign offs and transfer updates. Complete stocktakes efficiently.


Reduce admin times significantly while removing the chance of human error.


Get alerted when stock is running low.

Automated Reporting

Generate detailed reports on exemptions and stock usages.


Never run out of stock by planning ahead.

What can FlexManager do for you?

Man signing delivery receipt on digital tablet
Alleviate the need for paper through auto generating delivery dockets.
Stock Inventory in warehouse
Issue stock directly to orders, employees, subcontractors, assets or equipment maintenance tasks.
woman in storage room working at office inventory checking available stock in laptop computer
Track and monitor the complete life cycle of stock items.
Warehouse worker checking stock with tablet pc
Complete stock takes with NFC technology and automation.

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