Release Notes Version 6.12

FlexManager’s software has been updated to 6.12 and was officially released on December 2nd.

Here are some of the key elements and features that will be included in the latest version of our award-winning health and safety system.

What is new with FlexManager

The FlexManager software has received its latest update to version 6.12.

Our expert development team works tirelessly to make sure that FlexManager’s operating system is state-of-the-art and compliant with all of our customer’s needs.

We configure our software on a quarterly basis to provide each administrator with an opportunity to voice their opinions and allow us time to assess the importance of their input.


Stock Management

Stock Manager Update 6.12

Stock Manager Update 6.12


A key element that has been emphasised in the launch of FlexManager 6.12 has been our popular Stock Management module.

We have made a number of important operational and stylistic amendments to this section that we feel will extensively improve user experience.

These features include:

  • Bulk downloading project documents
  • Generating PDF certificates (once image verification is approved)
  • Ability to view scheduled and unscheduled equipment inspections and maintenance
  • Supplier point of contact will receive notification on induction expiration dates
  • Notification email interface has been redesigned
  • Password reset processes have been optimised
  • Customer complaints are now directly linked to insurance claims
  • Incident reports received a stylistic upgrade
  • Time and Attendance now has a ‘Shift’ column
  • An added layer of permissions has been included in observations labelled ‘Issued By’
  • Search function in stock manager can now be exported
  • Reviews options added to modules with claim



FlexManager 6.12 has been constructed to include our newly created branding.

CGA Technology has completely re-designed how FlexManager will be perceived. This has been achieved to promote the growth and evolution that has occurred with the award-winning software over the past decade.

FlexManager has come a long way since its creation in 2011 and we feel that our modern logo is now a reflection of this.

Keep an eye on what FlexManager has to offer in the future as we look to continue to cultivate a culture of workplace compliance alongside you and your employees.