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Flex Manager – Earthday – Environmental Solution

Today is a day for putting some thought into what we can do better for our environment. We have seen the knock-on effects of our impact on the world through famine, plague, flooding and other extreme events. One of the biggest challenges we will face over the next century is ensuring that we can continue…

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Flex Manager – Hints & Tips – Personal Calendar Integration

Calendars are an important element of planning and organising workload. Our team have developed a tool within Flex Manager that allows associated work events to be imported vie a URL calendar link. Keep track of your work schedule through your usual calendar (outlook/gmail etc.) to keep the focus on upcoming events and deadlines. See this…

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Flex Manager – Release Webinar Details

FLEX – F6.2 Webinar Details Webinar 1 – LINK Tuesday, November 5th @ 15:30 (GMT) Webinar 2 – LINK Wednesday, November 4th @ 09:00 (GMT) For more information please contact   FLEX – F6.2 Release Notes General Changes Analytics 3rd September: Fix – Analytics Module Side Menu Titles Edited Communications 10th September:  – New – Communication Log…

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Transitioning To A New Normal With Flex Manager

Flex Manager keeps your employees’ informed about what is happening in real-time during the rapidly changing situation surrounding COVID-19. Keeping your workforce informed will mitigate misunderstandings and improve communications. Flex helps you to be connected with your workforce, even if they are working from home. Incident Report on Flex – Covid-19 Contact Employees can log…

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Why Your Data Is Important?

Are You Using Data Effectively? Nowadays, gathering data helps you to have a better understanding of your business. Capturing data is easy, the real challenge is how businesses transform data into actionable improvements. A Forbes article discusses a survey from Deloitte, noting that “49 percent of respondents said analytics helps them make better decisions, 16…

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Flex’s Kiosk Device Specifications and Usability

CGA Technology has integrated the use of Kiosk Devices with Flex Manager, which enables visitors to sign in as well as be used to carry out inductions for employees and external individuals. Employees and externals do not need to have login details but the record of completion is captured on your Flex system. Anyone can…

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Using Flex Manager
How to set up a Health and Safety Software?

Now more than ever, health and safety need to be the principal focus. Covid-19 has brought new regulations that have been updated regularly. Are you looking for some quick recommendations for setting up a health and safety software? OSHA has ten steps, and CGA Technology will tell you how to apply them: Establish safety and…

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How to use Flex Manager to document COVID-19

CGA continues to closely monitor the ever-changing coronavirus outbreak and ongoing advice that public entities have been emitted. During this time, we want to support you and help you to put processes in place to keep data transparency and consistent messages across the company in relation to COVID-19. If your employees are informed of your…

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Subcontractors Management

At CGA Technology we understand that relationships are vital for moving forward and they are key in excelling any company to the next level. One single channel of communication allows data transparency and immediate access to information. Contractors bring a varying degree of occupational health and safety knowledge, training and experience, making it difficult for…

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5 Reasons Why you Should Try a Safety Perception Survey

Companies that are at the top of their safety game obtain the best improvement information from their workers. Safety perception surveys are essential safety performance measurement tools. For more than 40 years renowned safety leaders such as Dan Petersen have advocated their use. Many times, Petersen has been quoted as saying, “there is no better…

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