Data Protection Week 2023

Data Protection Week 2023

This week (January 22nd-28th) is ‘Data Protection Week’. To celebrate the occasion, we at FlexManager have outlined a few key ways in which our award-winning software can help you’re your company with this crucial element of modern business practices.

Data protection and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has fortunately become a major focus for many businesses globally. This is due in no small part to the introduction of EU legislation in May 2018, which formally enforces the protection of data and privacy of online information as a right.

The rate at which GDPR has been implemented across all industries has drastically altered the global business landscape. Since 2017 the employment of DPOs (Data Protection Officers) has increased by 700%, with estimated figures rising from 83,000 to nearly half a million in this period.

The problem with the introduction of the new role to operations is that it is just that, new. There are unchartered waters directly associated with GDPR and data protection, ones that can hold heavy fines and penalties. In 2019, GDPR fines globally totalled €55,955,871. This figure has been steadily increasing with Q3 of 2021 penalties amounting to 20 times higher than Q1 and Q2 of the same year combined. With the largest individual GDPR fine being €888 million in 2021.

To avoid substantial damages and punishments such as this being enforced on your company here are some simple measures to take:

Enforce GDPR Policy and Procedure Companywide

GDPR statistics

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