FlexManager: Empowering Companies to Achieve Compliance

In today’s competitive business landscape, companies face numerous challenges, from ensuring necessary compliance to optimising operational efficiency. Some organisations make the choice of pursuing modular fixes for individual problems, only to find that these ‘solutions’ offer quick fixes, but combining the data and results creates more work and more issues.

However, a solution has emerged that addresses these critical concerns head-on.

FlexManager is a centralised, collaborative system that offers over 80 modules in the areas of asset management, quality control, health and safety, human resources, and much, much more. It not only removes the need for excessive paperwork, but it also acts as a complete solution, where there isn’t the need to input data into multiple systems.

It is an an innovative software platform that is revolutionising how companies manage facilities, assets, health and safety, and more. Here are just some of its benefits.

Enabling Compliance, 24/7 Responsibility

Sylvestor Neylon, CEO of Neylon’s Facility Management, acknowledges the critical role FlexManager plays in maintaining compliance. As a facilities management company entrusted with 24/7 responsibility for various properties, compliance is of utmost importance. FlexManager equips them with the right tools to streamline processes, ensuring that teams work systematically and efficiently.

FlexManager’s task manager and asset management modules ensure that the necessary checks are carried out and that the right detail is in place for impromptu audits.

With over a decade of using FlexManager, Neylon’s Facility Management has seen substantial growth, which they attribute in part to the platform’s ability to keep their operations compliant and well-organized.

Mr Neylon said: “As a facilities management company, we are given the front door keys to a building and thus, given the responsibility for that building… for that building to be compliant 24/7, we need FlexManager.”

Driving Growth through Smarter Asset Management

Jonathan Medforth, Tarmac’s National Plant & Transport Manager, attests to how FlexManager has contributed to creating greener and smarter working environments.

By reducing paperwork and improving communication, the platform empowers Tarmac to enhance its asset management practices. Real-time analytical insights provided by FlexManager enable data-driven decision-making, helping Tarmac optimize its everyday asset management strategies.

Mr Medforth echoed these points, adding: “FlexManager is enabling us at Tarmac to create greener smarter working environments by reducing paperwork, increasing communication and providing analytical insights into our everyday asset management.”

Real-Time Health and Safety Insights

For Paolo Mete, Health & Safety Manager at GIP, FlexManager is a game-changer that offers unparalleled access to data.

With live information uploaded as functions are conducted, FlexManager goes beyond traditional health and safety management systems. The interconnected modules of the platform ensure seamless communication between various departments, streamlining processes, and keeping everything organized.

He said: “You might think of FlexManager as only health and safety, but it’s much more than that. Each module talks to another in a connected system. And it’s organised.”

GIP’s Health & Safety Director, Tim McAuliffe, echoed the company’s appreciation of FlexManager. He said that it has significantly reduced the time spent on safety audits. The quick access to information has transformed their safety procedures, making them more efficient and data-driven.

Mr McAuliffe said: “FlexManager reduced our time spent on conducting and completing safety audits by 50-60 percent. Paper can get lost, misfiled, etc. With FlexManager, we can look up a piece of equipment to check maintenance equipment, etc. and have that information in seconds.”

Industry Recognition and Improved Government Relations

FlexManager’s positive impact extends beyond operational efficiency and cost savings. Anthony Rossi, VP of Land Development & Government Relations at GIP, credits the platform for their recognition as one of the industry’s leaders in health and safety.

The comprehensive solutions provided by FlexManager have allowed GIP to build an exceptional health and safety program, earning them accolades and cementing their reputation as pioneers in their field.

Mr Rossi made this point, adding: “We have been recognised for our health & safety program as one of the best in the industry. A big part of the reason for that is FlexManager.”


In an increasingly competitive business landscape, the need for compliance, cost savings, and efficiency has never been greater. FlexManager has emerged as a transformative tool for companies across various industries, providing a comprehensive solution to these challenges.

By empowering companies with real-time insights, seamless communication, and data-driven decision-making capabilities, FlexManager is reshaping the way businesses operate.

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