Fire Fighting with Flex


CGA Technology has been engaged in a number of trials with fire services since the end of 2016.

We started with Mayo Fire Brigades vehicle inspection management and have now extended to Wicklow, Clare and Kildare with interest from several others. Some suppliers such as HPMP are on board with trials to find ways of improving their offering and quality of service to their clients.

A few things we have learned along the is that a solution needs to be quick, efficient and user friendly in order to become an effective tool in tracking and managing assets.

Some of the areas of key note that Flex has been used are:

  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
  • Post use checks
  • Inventory checks
  • First-aid kit checks
  • General Inspections
  • Equipment end of life projections
  • PPE Tracking

One of the key elements of the solution is that, on a single platform, all the stations can be managed effectively and through the use of mobile applications, electronic tags and tablets, work can be conducted more efficiently and compliance ensured through a range of features designed to simplify the capture of information.

The electronic tags use NFC technology (near field communication), when a tag is scanned it shows the asset profile on the device and will enable the user to conduct a wide variety of functions. This means that to inspection an asset all you need to do is[highlight background=”#333″ color=”#fff”]Scan –> Swipe –> Select Inspection Type[/highlight] easy!!!! NFC technology is being used in passports, bank cards, driving licences and more and is sweeping away barcodes as the tags are robust and long lasting, even on the hoses, although we still recommend a layer of epoxy!

We won’t stop there either. The Flex system can be configured to manage any asset and we plan to delve further into the station assets to provide a comprehensive management solution for every fire brigade.

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Steven and Padraig of CGA mucking

about at Bray Fire Station

Tagged hoses ready for Action An older barcode which is worn

making it difficult to read

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