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Flex 5.3 – March 2018 (Q1)










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Server – Flex – 5.3 Changes


  • 16-March – Common failed questions to be displayed in Analytics side for Audits, go to audit type, click on pie chart, click on section – displays common failed questions.

Equipment Import

  • 16-March – Asset Search – Asset export excel doc. – option for extended information – type, date and who

Employee Profile

  • 15-March – Setting: Transfer all employees with supervisor when transferred

Equipment Register

  • 16-March – Project List: Deselect / re-select all items within list button
  • 16-March – Category Prefix – Extend to 6 letters – continued numbering
  • 16-March – Setting: Search – list assets – remove sub-location option
  • 16-March – Setting: Collection Items automatically can be moved when you move the parent asset
  • 16-March – Location based filtering for widget Most importantly for Asset and Equipment status

Equipment Inspections

  • 15-March – Asset Status Testing
  • 16-March – Inspections / Maintenance now support negative numbers & decimal places
  • 16-March – Inspection interval added: 10 years / 2 years / 14 months / 6 years

Equipment Maintenance

  • 16-March – Inspections / Maintenance now support negative numbers & decimal places
  • 16-March – Inspection interval changes: 10 years / 2 years / 14 months / 6 years

Injury Manager

  • 16-March – CANADA ONLY: Terminology change – return to regular duties


  • 15-March – Scheduled Audits – Manual reset option for scheduled audits – Allows background process to create new schedules with new information
  • 16-March – Option – Include images with corrective actions on report
  • 23-March – Full audit assessment and various bug fixes

Purchase Orders

  • 15-March – Notes field: Add item description field to PO’s and PDF


  • 16-March – Multi-select and move Project documents – NOTE: Files cannot be moved to root directory — only sub-directories

Scheduled Reporting

  • 15-March – Update to task Scheduled Report filters:  of assets within a location within a category of a specific inspection type with a minimum of 1 inspection within a time limit
  • 15-March – Total # inspection completed per asset group and or location
  • 15-March – Inspection Reports – Time to be included to the minute – report based option
  • 15-March – User Report – Devices used, frequency of use
  • 15-March – User Adoption Report –  of active logins within 7 days – add mobile logins / updates
  • 16-March – Weekly Inspections – Report
  • 16-March – Include Asset description on Equipment Inspection Reports and Equipment Maintenance Reports
  • 16-March – Incident reporting sections – Add time limit; change from all to weekly/monthly/yearly – Like Audit report

Risk Register

  • 23-March – Admin controls exclude from PDF and Risk Register If you select N/A for the admin controls exclude from the register and the pdf (build as an option)

Snag Manager

  • 16-March – Option – Include images on report

Training Manager

  • 16-March – Site Specific – Calendar
  • 23-March – Support Subcontractor employees in training module:
    • Training Attendance recorded per day Close Course Day Print Attendance per course
    • All training days now recorded under explicit training day — not attached to the course
    • Additional Days Recorded after day 1 Attendance confirmed from app —- pass / fail must be completed online
    • Who can close / mark attendance on app?
    • NOTES: External Training Providers -> Subcontractors


  • 16-March – Site Specific – Calendar

Toolbox Talks

  • 16-March – Site Specific – Calendar

Task Manager

  • 15-March – Schedule reporting – WO Reports – Include person who closes task




iOS – Flex Manager – 1.172 Changes

  • 19-December – Incident Report module added. New Equipment status type: Failed Inspection – minor advisory. Comments on failed inspection questions, are now only mandatory based depending on system option. NFC added to sub-menus.
  • 19-December – Navigation improvements.
  • 25-January – New Orientations Module added.
  • 25-January – New Documents Module added.
  • 25-January – Users can now attach files to a Toolbox Talk.
  • 25-January – Toolbox Talk setting for external projects and employees now implemented.
  • 25-January – Sync notifications now silent.
  • 25-January – Local notifications added for Audits, Toolbox Talks, Inspections, Maintenance and Tasks.
  • 25-January – Added ability to reassign maintenance to another employee, if permission enabled.
  • 25-January – Search button added for all pickers.
  • 05-February – Employee Reward Scheme added
  • 08-March – Option to export upload data if failure with sync
  • 08-March – Reassign maintenance changed so that users can submit comments photos etc. and then reassign to a second user to complete.
  • 08-March – Reassign users now inline when creating a task
  • 08-March – Project now displayed on task summary screen
  • 08-March – If a task is inactive the employee and company who closed the task is now displayed
  • 20-March – Sub employees now have access to ‘Interested In’ tasks.
  • 20-March – A summary of audit sections and scores is now added to the audit history within the projects module. A link of the full PDF is also added.
  • 20-March – Users can now upload files with Tasks.
  • 20-March – Users can now scan an NFC tag of a sub location and see relevant tasks.
  • 20-March – Employee rule for limited searching implemented in the Employee module.
  • 20-March – Zip files now only deleted after confirmation from server.

Android Flex Manager – 4.0 Changes

  • 08-March – Support Android 8 devices.
  • 08-March – Maintenance reassign holding records entered by previous operator.
  • 15-March – Audit history link on device in project profile to completed audit details
  • 15-March – Support uploading different types of files in Task module
  • 15-March – Sub-location – Displaying tasks for scanned NFC tag.
  • 15-March – Displaying close by and close company when task completed.
  • 15-March – Zipping uploaded task data – improves data exchange, reduces battery use.
  • 15-March – Task Module – support interested in view for supplier.
  • 16-March – Audit PDF link provided to location
  • 21-March – Zip confirmation – ensures data received
















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