Flex 5.5 Release Notes + Visitor & Dashboard Updates


Flex 5.5 – July 2018


Hi *|FNAME|* All of us at the Flex team wish to thank you for your continued support. We work hard to provide you with the best solution for your business and we look forward to continuing our relationship for the forthcoming years. Take a look at our release notes for information on what we have been working on. Contact support@cgatechnology.com if you have any queries Yours sincerely,
  Flex 5.5 Release - Visitor / Attednance & Dashboards
A quick overview at the Visitor & Dashboard Setup as part of Flex 5.5

iOS – Flex Kiosk V1

  • Create Contractor Profile
  • Create Visitor Profile
  • Write NFC Card
  • Sign In
  • Sign Out
  • Push Data to Online Systsem
Tower Crane Inspection – Inspectec / Flex Manager Watch as Darren Scully of Inspectec demonstrates the inspection side of the Flex Manager solution on a tower crane in Dublin.
Safety at your Fingertips – Flex Manager – iOS and Android Work effectively in the field with Flex Manager applications for iOS and Android
Hillhead 2018

It was great exhibiting at Hillhead 2018 last week. We thoroughly enjoyed speaking with everyone who approached our stand over the three days.

Straight away it was evident that the Flex System would be of huge benefit to the Quarry and Heavy Plant industry as a whole.

Server – Flex – 5.5 Changes

  • 05-July – Widgets for Inspections and Maintenance completed now available on Dashboard
Employee Import
  • 12-July – If the Project/Location/Facility field on the Employee Import is left blank, the employee will automatically be assigned to the company’s head office location. This can then be amended in the employee’s profile if desired.
Inventory Check
  • 16-July – Users can now receive a notification if there is a discrepancy between two inventory checks
Equipment Register
  • 13-June – An asset’s Group can now be viewed from within the asset profile
  • 05-July – When changing an asset’s status, the customised status labels will now appear in the drop-down menu
  • 12-July – Uploaded pictures can now be attached to specific questions within an audit
  • 16-July – Track supervisor at time of audit
Incident Reporting
  • 14-June – The Incident Number is now displayed on the cover page of the Incident Report PDF.
  • 14-June – mp4 files can now be uploaded as Supporting Documents for Incident Reports
Scheduled Reporting
  • 14-June – Scheduled Report for Equipment Inspections and Maintenance can now look forward 1 year instead of 3 months.
  • 14-June – Scheduled Report for Equipment Inspections and Maintenance can now look forward 1 year instead of 3 months.
  • 12-July – Scheduled Report now available for Group Mandatory Training
Risk Register
  • 18-April – “Clone” Risk – Update for new risk fields (Since chemical and biological additional fields Update)
Supplier Import
  • 27-July – Setting for automatically generated ID number for imported Subcontractor employees where number is not already set
System Administration
  • 14-June – There is now an option to turn off anti-virus in System Administration Settings
Training Manager
  • 27-July – A training course that is scheduled for a future date can have its dates and location edited from Scheduled Courses
Training Courses
  • 30-July – A minimum capacity number can be set for a Training Course. If the number of people attending is below this figure, the course will not run.
Task Manager 05-July – Person Responsible and Assigned person on an asset can now be automatically notified of any Work Orders on that asset. This also includes Maintenance, Inspections and any other primary notification 16-July – In Admin > Work Orders > Settings it is now possible to hide/block the employee’s phone number from appearing on the Work Order


iOS – Flex Manager – 1.8 Changes

  • 05-April – – Audits now supports extra file types – Users can now update an asset’s barcode via scanner – Equipment inspection upload optimised – Equipment maintenance upload optimised
  • 21-April – – Add videos to equipment maintenance and equipment inspections – Option implemented for audit correction action employee list – Bug fixes
  • 30-April – Toolbox option for extended employees list implemented
  • 30-April – – HEIC images now supported. – Scheduled audits now display audit number and due date. – Delete local audits which were part of a scheduled audit which has been deactivated.
  • 04-May – – Cleaning module added. – Time & Attendance module added. – See who has checked in to a project at any given time. – Incidents can now have an alternative supervisor defined at the incident time if setting enabled. – Attach files to employee observations. – Quick links to work orders, inspections and maintenance added to asset home screen. – Profile pictures uploaded from the app are now force squared. – Peek and pop functionality added to base module lists.
  • 01-June – – UI updates – SBO app added – Bug fixes
  • 19-July – Scheduled audit bug fix
  • 19-July – – Fire Evacuation module added – Differential sync built into reset session – Ability to define supervisor for audit, if option enabled – Ability to assign a sub location to an audit corrective action – Link to asset manual or category doc from asset profile – Connect sync UI change

Android Flex Manager – 4.6 Changes

  • 05-July – **SBO module – other files support, sending data with zip
  • 05-July – **Employee observation module – files support, sending data with zip
  • 05-July – **New module -Fire Evacuation
  • 16-July – **Option to add audit supervisor
  • 16-July – **Option to add sub-location for audit’s corrective action.
  • 16-July – ** Option to reset user permissions on login screen.
  • 16-July – ** reset session includes syncs
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