INTERVIEW: A Deep Dive into OakLeaf Contract’s Implementation Success with FlexManager

Welcome to FlexManager’s exclusive interview with Michael Doran, the Health & Safety Manager at OakLeaf Contracts. They joined FlexManager in January of this year and haven’t looked back since.

During the interview, we delve into the intricacies of this transition process and explore Mr. Doran’s firsthand experiences with FlexManager’s implementation services. Join us as we delve deeper into OakLeaf Contract’s success story with FlexManager’s software platform, gaining invaluable insights into the power of collaboration and innovation in driving organisational excellence.

How would you describe the transition process to our software platform?

The transition process to FlexManager was seamless.

The FlexManager team’s thorough onboarding support and clear documentation made the journey incredibly smooth. The intuitive interface and robust features of your platform have not only streamlined our operations but also empowered our team to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

Overall, the transition has been a positive experience, thanks to the user-friendly nature of your software and the exceptional support provided by your team.

Did you encounter any challenges during the implementation process? If so, how were they addressed by our team?

Absolutely, we did encounter some challenges during the implementation process. However, I must commend the FlexManager team for their proactive approach in addressing them.

Whenever an obstacle arose, they immediately convened discussions to analyse the root cause and brainstorm solutions collectively.

This collaborative effort allowed us to leverage the diverse expertise within our team, ensuring that we tackled each challenge efficiently. Through effective communication we successfully navigated through any hurdles encountered, ultimately enhancing our implementation process, and strengthening our team dynamics in the process.

How would you rate the efficiency of our team in minimising disruptions to your business operations during the transition?

The Support Team at FlexManager couldn’t have been any more helpful when scheduling in implementation calls and meeting – nothing was too much bother, which was impressive due to our constantly changing schedule.

I was able to schedule calls at short notice and I was able to set deadlines and the team at FlexManager gave me all the support and guidance required for these deadlines to be met.

How well did our team understand and address your specific needs and goals during the implementation process?

From the very first phone call, I was able to put a plan in place to tick off the needs of our business.

The team at FlexManager were able to break down module content for me so that I was fully aware of what capabilities each module had, and what was suitable for my requirements. I was able to ask specific questions in the knowledge that I would get a straight answer.

Can you provide examples of how our platform was configured to meet your unique requirements?

FlexManager has been ultra flexible when it comes to the requirements of our business – I have been able to configure the small things like data input, to the more in-depth Health & Safety inspections that we have designed to work in multiple countries across Europe.

I have easy access to multiple work sites, with their own unique data and information stored in a way that is easily accessible and amendable.

We were able to configure the system to our requirements, inputting training and development material. We can now offer e-learning sessions to all staff members on multiple topics, track progress and issue out certificates and reports.

How has our platform contributed to increased efficiency or productivity within your organisation?

We have introduced FlexManager to our site management teams who have grasped the platform with both hands.

Instead of lengthy documentation uploads, and numerous emails throughout busy schedules, our management teams can complete actions set by me in an efficient manner that has saved them time throughout their working weeks.

This has eliminated repetitive data entry tasks.

This is now treated as standard practise in our workplace and allows our teams to be more efficient when it comes to reporting, auditing, accessing and reviewing profiles and training records and completing toolbox talks without fuss and with digital signatures.

I am no longer chasing my tail each week to ensure all work sites have submitted the required information and documentation. I know I can rely on it to be stored safely and securely on the FlexManager platform.

Based on your experience, would you recommend FlexManager. Why or why not?

After eight weeks, I can say that FlexManager has made a huge difference to our business. It has improved efficiencies in all areas of Health & Safety Management in our business. I am confident that it would be an asset to any business looking to adopt similar software solutions.

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