Interview with a FlexManager user: Paolo Mete of Green Infrastructure Partners

We are delighted to have the privilege of speaking with Paolo Mete, the Director of HSE for the Specialized Infrastructure Solutions group. With a distinguished background in municipal enforcement as an inspector in construction, Paulo brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Our conversation delves into the adoption and utilisation of FlexManager within Green Infrastructure Partners. Paulo shares insights into the motivation behind implementing FlexManager, recounting his initial encounter with the app during its developmental stages in 2009.

He also provides a comprehensive overview of FlexManager’s impact on operations, his favourite features, and recommendations for other organisations who are also considering implementing the software.

When did you first come across FlexManager?
I originally used the app at the beginning stages of development in 2009 with my previous employer. It was there I found it to be a great tool that can provide all the necessary information at your fingertips.

In what ways has FlexManager positively influenced your day-to-day operations and workflow?

Statistics are easier to collect and it is an easily accessed point of information.Equipment Inspections (Project selection for the operator) improves accuracy when pulling inspection completed from projects and operator completion. Inspections and Audits, by far my favourate module on the app platform.

Can you provide a FlexManager success story?

Mass upload of equipment process, without the team at CGA , it would of not been successful. Our company is regularly acquiring other companies and the process of a standard template and upload was developed and this was a huge help.

Have there been any notable achievements or milestones directly attributed to using FlexManager?

FlexManager allows us an ease of information, which is readily available to end users and clients if requested.

How has the collaboration been between your team and the FlexManager support team?

One of the most valuable assets of FlexManager is their staff and their willingness to help. Peter (FlexManager’s Sales and Marketing Director) is my hero. The patience that he has extended to me, has been invaluable.

The staff at FlexManager / CGA are the ultimate professionals, and the program checks off all the boxes needed for any company depending on technology to bring safety in the palm of your hand 

What advice would you give to other organisations considering FlexManager for their Health & Safety management?

If you want a simple system that gets your company what it needs in a matter of “Click”, there is not anyone that can match FlexManager out there. Due Diligence is in your hand and record keeping for any sized-company is done incredibly well.

The staff at FlexManager are the ultimate professionals, and the program checks off all the boxes needed for any company depending on technology to bring safety in the palm of your hand. Flexmanager knows what is needed and they are preparing companies for the future.

How would you describe the overall impact of FlexManager on the culture of safety within your organization?

FlexManager is one of the most important tools to ultimately protect workers and is a commitment to safety from the company.

For more information on how FlexManager can help your organisation, contact sales@FlexManager.com today.

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