Reduce Risk and Have Greater Transparency Like Aquachem

Reduced Risk and Greater Transparency 

The water testing process within Aquachem required updating with an emphasis on compliance and control. Previously, it had been completed on paper, increasing the possibility of mistake, risk, and data

The implementation of FlexManager provided employees 24/7 access to a secure database as well as paperless purchase orders, assessments and allocation of tasks. 


  • Need to go digital
  • An emphasis on compliance
  • Goal of reducing risk


  • Reduced risk
  • Greater transparency and accountability
  • Effective management of core processes

“Flex has been a life-saving platform for all our processes. We obtain clear reports and build data transparency across the company. Without a doubt, FlexManager took our company to the next level of performance.”

Sylvestor Neylon – CEO Aquachem

Aquachem Water Management is a market leader in providing legionella risk assessments, testing, treatment and maintenance of water systems for a range of industries. Their team operates remotely, capturing information on the Flex Manager system which transfers all relevant data to the central management system.

Benefits of FlexManager

Streamline Processes 

FlexManager reduced overall admin time at Aquachem by 45 percent. This is due to the efficiency of our system, moving the organisation away from more manual paper-based workings. 

Promote Traceability

The Task Manager modules ensure that transparency and traceability is at the forefront of all processes.  


Through alerts, FlexManager puts in place processes that help ensure compliance, allowing the organisation to be audit-ready at all times.  

Real-time Data At Your Fingertips

Real-time data capture and mobile connectivity ensures that up-to-date information is available for decision-makers at all time. It offers complete control for staff and ensures comprehensive records are in place. 

Increased Employee’s Field Effectiveness

FlexManager has helped this company achieve approximately 30% increase in employee’s field effectiveness.