young volunteers planting trees in green park together

Corporate Social Responsibility

Key Features

Compare Targets to Actuals

A simple way to quantifiably measure goals and achievements.

Comparison of Locations

A clear overview of progress achieved across multiple sites.

Customisable Outcomes

Configure your results to what each goal is trying to achieve.

Environmental Audits

Evaluate your company's sustainability performance.

Documentation Library

Highlight and store all relevant CSR data for cross-departmental communications.

What can FlexManager do for you?

CSR activity. Corporate Social Responsibility.
Create a socially responsible culture in your company by encouraging accountability to all key stakeholders.
Group of volunteers working in community charity donation center
Measure key areas of CSR practices including workplace, environment, community and social issues.
Man measuring the plants
Measure set targets against their eventual outcomes allowing for realistic forecasting and informed decision making.
Woman monitors energy production from the solar power plant with a digital tablet
Display progress over visual graphics such as analytics and dashboards. Create motivation within teams by comparing sites and create friendly competition.

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