Injury Manager

Key Features

Information Retrieval

Easily log and recover all information relating to injuries in a location.

WSB Details & Claims

Log activity relating to Workplace Safety Board claims as they progress.


Schedule and track all related appointments.

Legal Appeals

Track all details related to legal appeals and decisions made.

Relevant Contacts

Contact log of all stakeholders involved.

Supported Documents

Access all supporting documents in the one place.


Track all decisions made for easy reference.

Injury Identifier

Use the Injury Identifier to specify the exact injury that occurred.

What can FlexManager do for you?

Medic explaining cervical injury to middle aged man with low spo2 saturatio
Auto generate health claims information straight from your internal Incident Reports.
Financial analyst with physical injury wearing medical neck collar
Keep a full legal log of all information relating to injury claims, allowing for quick and easy retrieval when required.
Laptop, back pain and doctor in her office at the hospital working on a diagnosis or cure. Computer
Generate reports and detailed analytics to identify patterns such as common injuries in specific locations.
Factory worker man explain about work in workplace to Asian factory technician woman
Make informed decisions around Health & Safety practices to avoid future incidents.

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