Centralise Information and Interlink Facilities Like Roadstone


As the years passed and their business expanded, Roadstone felt the necessity to centralise their information, as they needed the whole company to be interlinked between facilities. 

To maintain and expand on their focus on health and safety, to control their facilities and to reemphasise compliance, FlexManager provided a solution where location, employee and subcontractor details and documentation, company policies and procedures are remotely stored, easily implemented and effectively managed using a centralised system. 


  • Contractor management 
  • Need for a centralised system
  • Essential Compliance


  • Paperless procedure for contractor management 
  • Promoted traceability 
  • Complete compliance and control

“FlexManager keeps us compliant with a clear overview across facilities. The system was implemented smoothly,
and it has been saving us time on a day-to-day basis. Statistics, management and traceability is on FlexManager now.”

Cormac McCarthy, HSE Manager, Roadstone

Roadstone uses technological creativity, product quality, superior customer service and the wholehearted commitment of each employee to maintain their market leadership within the various markets they are currently leading. Their various high quality products(i.e. ready-mix concrete, aggregates, macadam, blocks, etc.) and the delivery ofsuch, are renowned for their use in commercial, domestic and local authority road projects. Their focus on environment, health and safety, organisation efficiency, innovation and assets, facilities and employee management enables their continued growth. 

Benefits of FlexManager

Manage Compliance 

FlexManager is easy to use, always accessible, anywhere, and for Roadstone, this elevated their ability to manage compliance and control all the aspects of their various locations. It allowed easier policy and procedure adherence, greater business process management with a health and safety-based culture. 

Streamlined Processes  

Thanks to streamlined processes, FlexManager has helped assure compliance with transparent reporting and effective task and employee management.  

Contractor Management 

FlexManager’s easy-to-use system allows for paperless procedures and reduced admin around contractor management and also helps ensure that there is complete compliance and control in place.  

Real-time Data Capture 

Thanks to FlexManager’s real-time data capture facilities, Roadstone is able to make informed decisions based on information that is supplied from the field. 

Save Time 

FlexManager saves Roadstone a huge amount of time on a daily basis, digitising records and increasing overall efficiency of data capture.