Performance Review

Key Features


A simple and engaging process that informs both parties on the strengths and shortcomings of employee performance.


Establish measurable goals with a clear and defined pathway on how an employee can achieve them.


Create transparency over the expectations placed on each individual employee.


Motivate employees by providing clearly defined targets and the tools and resources needed to reach them.

What can FlexManager do for you?

Two businessmen are brainstorming together and reviewing the company financial documents
Actively engage and reflect with employees through the collaborative review process.
Female Worker Reviewing Stock
Communicate where employees are excelling or falling short of expectations, allowing them to adjust their work accordingly.
Coworkers planning startup goals
Ensure core competencies are being met while mapping out personalised goals and objectives.
Staff working in large depot storage warehouse hold check list walking check goods on shelf
Establish criteria for success based on employee roles and departmental targets.