Insurance Claims

Key Features

Costs Tracker

Reduce overall claims costs while increasing incident data for future prevention.

Information Retrival

Easily log and retrieve all information relating to injuries in one location.


Understand and predict incidents while improving overall health and safety with factual insights.

Admin Time

Minimise administrative resources on managing claims.

Follow Ups

Automate subsequent processes through category set ups.


Monitor claims and identify key loss drivers.

Future Proof

Understand problematic trends to deploy resources accordingly.

What can FlexManager do for you?

Diverse male and female doctor reading patient file and using digital tablet in hospital corridor
Increase productivity with the elimination of manual record updating.
Patient Filling Health Insurance Claim Form
Standardise the method Insurance Claims are recorded. Ensure each claim has the necessary information for investigation.
Young female technician using remote switch to control industrial machine
Easily measure practices company-wide to ensure compliance throughout.
Man Writing Insurance Application Form Concept
Protect your company from enquiries by having all claims information retrievable in seconds.

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