Man dressed in chemical protection suit in the ruins of the post apocalyptic building

Environmental Incidents

Key Features

Witness Statements

Provide supplementary evidence from eye-witness testimony.

Custom Review Process

Customise your review process to ensure the relevant department is notified of incidents.

Corrective Actions

Track and monitor the status of follow up tasks as they occur.

Reportable Flags

Identify and address hazards that have been brought forward to authorities.

Risk Matrix

Establish categorisation for the scale of ecological incidents to better understand their severity.

Notifications & Alerts

Get alerted for various stages of incident reports including witness statement, signature capture, requests and reviews.

Supported File Types

Upload various media types as reference documents to each incident logged.

Customisable Sections

Match your current processes with detailed, configurable sections based a predetermined template.

Supported on Andorid & iOS

Complete mobile compatability - finalise your incident reports on the move.

GPS Positioning & Weather Capture

Auto-generate pinpoint mapping and whether conditions at the time of reporting.

What can FlexManager do for you?

Oil leak from Ship , Oil spill pollution polluted water surface. water pollution as a result
Create a wide range of incident types depending on potential hazards posed by your unique operation.
Businessman at Hazardous Production Plant
Configure mandatory information capture, ensuring consistency throughout the reporting process.
Worker with safety helmet and reflective vest, talking on his mobile phone
Use mobile application to report on incidents in real time for a more immediate response.
Businessman giving report for colleagues at presentation
Generate detailed reports and in-depth analytics on areas such as common failures and elements of high risk probability.

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