Centralise Information & Interlink Facilities

As the years passed and their business expanded, Roadstone felt the necessity to centralise their information, as they needed the whole company to be interlinked between facilities. 

Introduce Award-winning Processes

Neylon’s Facility Management has been using FlexManager for over 10 years. It has helped deliver results, allowing for  Neylon’s Facility Management to grow substantially and win numerous national and international awards.

Implement Health & Safety Procedures

Irish Cement found a need for one combined system for implementing their already established health and safety procedures in digital form. That is where FlexManager stepped in to help them achieve their goal. 

Reduce Risk & Increase Transparency

The water testing process within Aquachem required updating with an emphasis on compliance and control. Previously, it had been completed on paper, increasing the possibility of mistake, risk, and data duplication.

Encourage Traceability in Several Locations

FlexManager encouraged and the ability to build comprehensive records of their employees, their actions and mitigate mistakes in maintaining a single system for their records. Overall, FlexManager helped digitise the business. 

Stay Compliant & Record Every Inspection

Combilift wanted to keep all aspects of their company compliant by recording every inspection on their equipment and heavy machinery. FlexManager allowed CombiLift to be kept in the loop on any issues, updates and actio

Simplify Complex Processes


FlexManager has improved SSC data transparency across departments, having visibility of deadlines and person responsible. At the same time, they can assign equipment and carry out inspections and maintenances on time.

Reduce The Depreciation of Assets


Tarmac has multiple teams who utilise heavy plant and fleet to conduct their work. FlexManager is helping provide an efficient structured way of communicating with teams in the field to ensure the longevity of assets.

Digitise Processes and reclaim admin hours


FlexManager worked to reduce paper-based admin and improve overall efficiency in a number of areas. It also decreased hours spent on training management and contributed to the Technical Services Requests helpdesk.