Lone Worker

Key Features

GPS Positioning & Weather Capture

Pinpoint exact locations of workers when out in the field.


Maintain an open line of communication through employee safety notifications.


Set predetermined intervals for mandatory status updates with the ability to monitor response times.


Once an employee fails to check in, an alarm is triggered notifying the employer of the potential danger.

SMS & Voice Calls

Security alerts are receive via text message or phone call.

Mobile App

Complete mobility available through the use of any mobile operating system.


Set location task parameters and live tracking function for 100% visibility.


Easily triggered SOS alerts sent straight from workers app to relevant parties in case of an emergency.

What can FlexManager do for you?

Business woman texting with her mobile
If a check-in fails,employers will be notified via voice call or SMS, immediately informing them of employee details, location (with GPS link) and phone number.
Side view of man driving
For added security, set a pre-defined radius to ensure the employee stays within the specified location.