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Reduce Depreciation of Assets Like TARMAC

FlexManager Extends The Longevity of Assets

Tarmac has multiple teams who utilise heavy plant and fleet to conduct their work. FlexManager is helping provide an efficient structured way of communicating with teams in the field to ensure the longevity of assets and to provide data that will assist in future business decisions.


  • 24/7 compliance
  • Require up-to-date information
  • Differing needs depending on assets


  • Asset depreciation is slowed down
  • Custom maintenance on assets
  • On-site up-to-date data

“FlexManager is enabling us at Tarmac to create greener smarter working environments by reducing paperwork, increasing communication and providing analytical insights into our everyday asset management.”

Jonathan Medforth – Tarmac National Plant & Transport Manager

Benefits of FlexManager

Manage Assets Remotely

Using NFC tags, assets are inspected, maintained, tracked, assigned and have all information readily available from a mobile device. 

Have Analytics At The Ready

Reports and analytics are automatically populated on the system to assist in KPI and site management as well as live dashboards.

Be Audit-Ready 24/7

Staff are notified in advance of the upcoming asset
schedule. Foremen receive reports and operators carry
out the inspections. 

Create A Culture of Compliance

Maintenance can be set based on hours or mileage usage which is updated frequently through planned inspections. Any inspection failures automatically create maintenance procedures.

Embrace Mobile Working 

All of the inspections and maintenance are carried out on specialised applications which can work completely offline and then sync when connected to the internet.