Task Manager

Key Features


Have a complete overview of all ongoing tasks ensuring their completion is meeting your company’s high standards.


Establish an internal means of prioritising tasks to comprehensively meet with current deadlines and objectives.


Assign tasks to relevant employees while including all interested parties for intelligent delegation of workloads.


With detailed logs on each tasks your company can achieve a heightened sense of accountability.

Cost &
Time Management

With easily tracked data in relation to time and cost you can reduce poor resource allocation company wide.


Promote positive cross-departmental communication with a collaborative tool that provides immediate updates on tasks status.

& Reports

Gain a greater understanding of your company’s strengths and weaknesses with tangible data points at the touch of a button.

What can FlexManager do for you?

Closeup Group of Diversity warehouse worker meeting and brainstorming together in local warehouse
Create clearly defined work orders to allow for automatic and manual task assignment, increasing efficiency and clarity company wide.
Young developer programming software typing html code
Each assigned task can be integrated with all every module throughout the Flex product suite, allowing for corrective actions and follow up tasks to be easily appointed.
Site manager walk down with engineer to check precast ready made concrete panel work progress
Track configurable data points such as progress, costs, and deadlines to ensure maximum resource potential is achieved.
cropped shot of businessman showing laptop, tablet and smartphone with gdpr and cyber security signs
Avoid un-necessary fines and data breaches through 100% GDPR compliant practices maintained with a secure software system.