Stay Compliant By Recording Every Inspection Like CombiLift

Stay Compliant with FlexManager

Combilift wanted to keep all aspects of their company compliant by recording every inspection on their equipment and heavy machinery.

Using NFC Technology, FlexManager has allowed CombiLift to be kept in the loop on any issues, updates and actions. Users are notified in real-time of any scheduled inspections and maintenances.


  • In-house training records needed 
  • Off-line data capture required
  • Large number of assets requiring inspections and maintenance


  • An increase in on-site training 
  • Necessary reports auto-generated
  • Ability to input data remotely

“FlexManager offers great service. They keep communication channel open and clear across facilities. Additionally,
the support team clarifies every process to maximise the benefits of the Flex system at Combilift. This has
a positive impact on our compliance and effectiveness.”
Ryan Treanor – Health & Safety, CombiLift

Combilift is the largest global manufacturer of multi-directional forklifts and an acknowledged leader in long load handling solutions.  Innovation, Flexibility and Service is the ethos on which Combilift’s success is built and has seen us become the world’s fastest-growing forklift manufacturer, exporting to more than 85 countries and with more than 60,000 trucks in use worldwide. 

Using FlexManager, Combilift wanted to keep all aspects of their company compliant by recording every inspection on their equipment and heavy machinery, as well as increasing on-site training. 

Benefits of FlexManager

Reduce Administrative Time 

FlexManager helped CombiLift reduce the amount of time during inspections associated with administrative tasks by over 30 percent. This was largely due to the removal of manual records and the move to a more digital system.  

Manage Training

CombiLift’s on-site training increased by over 50 percent, as training courses for employees and sub-contractors were recorded and carried out through the FlexManager system. 

Offline Data Capture 

FlexManager allows for on-site data capture, allowing off-line pictures to be taken and in-field data to be available to users. 

Create a Culture of Compliance

Through the use of FlexManager, a culture of compliance is embraced. Notifications are received days before an inspection is due. Assets are assigned to employees, with one person
responsible for each inspection and maintenance.

Ability to Grow With The Company 

FlexManager allows the monitoring of an ever-increasing number of assets, providing the necessary reports, audits and maintenance scheduling.