Enhance Compliance and Efficiency Like Dublin Port

As the largest freight and passenger port in Ireland, Dublin Port Company is a vital part of the national port system. Operating within intensely competitive markets, Dublin Port handles nearly 50% of all trade in the Republic of Ireland.

FlexManager has been instrumental in streamlining their induction and orientation processes, reducing administrative time, and maintaining high compliance standards.


  • Managing inductions and orientations for a large volume of personnel
  • Reducing administrative burden
  • Ensuring compliance across various operations
  • Maintaining accurate records 


  • Efficient induction process for visitors, contractors, and employees
  • Customised online orientations
  • Clear compliance tracking
  • Real-time record updates which enhances security and compliance

“FlexManager has transformed our induction and orientation processes at Dublin Port. The system was implemented seamlessly, saving us time and ensuring complete compliance across our most challenging operations”

Mark Nathan, Dublin Port Company


FlexManager simplifies the induction process by ensuring that visitors, contractors, and employees complete their inductions before arriving on site. This pre-arrival requirement not only saves administrative time but also ensures that everyone is well-informed and compliant from the moment they step onto the premises.


With FlexManager, Dublin Port can create customised online orientation programs tailored to different categories of personnel. This ensures that everyone is familiar with the internal processes required to stay safe and compliant on-site.


Key Features of FlexManager’s Induction Module

  • Delivery: Schedule in-person orientations or create custom online orientations to plan ahead effectively.
  • Compliance: Maintain clear records of who has completed orientations to ensure compliance.
  • Company Culture: Promote a sense of collaboration and learning through structured orientation programs.
  • Unauthorised Access: Email links for orientation completion, eliminating the need to issue login accounts to all personnel.
  • Training Records: Automatically generate certificates and upload records in real-time upon course completion.
  • Notifications & Alerts: Stay informed about compliance levels and alert users to outstanding orientations.
  • Scheduled Reports & Analytics: Generate detailed reports on orientation data.
  • Calendar Overview: Get a comprehensive view of upcoming scheduled orientations.