Centralise Information & Manage Incidents, Tasks and Equipment Like CareChoice

CareChoice strives to make life easier for their residents and their families.
They understand the complexities of transitioning into a nursing home and aim to make this process as seamless as possible. With 15 nursing locations, they offer various types of care including full-time residential care, dementia-friendly environments, convalescence, and respite care. 


To support this mission, they needed an efficient and reliable system to manage incidents, tasks, equipment inspections, and injuries. FlexManager provided the comprehensive solution they required, enhancing their operational efficiency and compliance management across all locations.


  • Managing incidents effectively
  • Delegating and tracking tasks
  • Conducting regular equipment inspections
  • Overseeing injury management
  • Need for a centralised system


  • Streamlined incident reporting
  • Enhanced task management
  • Efficient equipment inspections
  • Comprehensive injury management
  • Complete compliance and control

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“FlexManager has significantly improved our ability to manage risk within our business with regards to safety management of incidents and injuries ,whilst also achieving regulatory compliance using planned and reactive maintenance functionality. As a risk management tool, the system was implemented smoothly, saving time, reducing cost and risk, whilst ensuring complete compliance across all our locations.”

Kieran McAlinden, Head of Property Services

Frequently Used Modules

Incident Reporting

FlexManager’s incident reporting module allows us to standardise our procedures for different types of incidents. With automated notifications and detailed analytics, we can keep all stakeholders informed and make data-driven decisions to improve safety and compliance.

Task Manager

The task manager module enables us to streamline task assignments and track their progress in real-time. This fosters a collaborative environment and ensures accountability, allowing us to efficiently manage time and resources while meeting our high standard of care.

Equipment Inspections

The equipment inspection module helps us create auditable records for each asset, enhancing productivity and compliance through real-time updates and mobile application support.

Injury Manager

FlexManager’s injury manager module provides comprehensive oversight of all injuries, helping us prevent and minimise accidents.

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