Scheduled Reports

Key Features

File Types

Configure between PDF's and Excel outputs.


Set up your reports to be automatically sent at set intervals or run ad-hoc as needed.


Reports will be sent directly to your email but can also be found through your home portal.


Decide which information you want to include in each report.


Allow exception reporting to highlight short comings.


Configure your reports to combine multiple modules.

Report Types

Report based on Location, Employee & Externals.


Reporting on ongoing operations gives management effective oversight.

What can the Scheduled Reports do for you?

Accounting report spreadsheet. Business women using computer prepare business report for evaluation
Generating detailed reports allows an overview on performance indicators - ensure your forecasting is based on historical data.
Business Documents, Auditor businesswoman checking searching document legal prepare paperwork or
Promote communication between teams by configuring relevant reports to be sent to relevant parties.
check mark on a check box on a paper
Gain critical insight into your operations as tasks are being completed.
Detail image of working place of business analytic with part of report
The more data captured throughout the system the more detailed the reports generated can be.

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