Quality Inspection

Equipment Inspections

Key Features


Complete Inspections based on a set schedule or complete ad-hoc as necessary.

Live Updates

Asset status updates in real time depending on Inspection outcome.


Complete visibility over each asset, its history and status.


Create categories & types while organising each section to your exact specifications.

Time & Cost

Automatically capture employee or contractor time spent and costs related to each inspection.

Signature Capture

Improve accountability and responsibility by enforcing digital signatrue capture on inspection completion.

Offline Capability

Complete an Inspection without internet connectivity or in remote areas.

NFC & Barcode Technology

Access Inspections thorough scanning NFC/ Barcodes.

Document Upload

Store documentatio & images in a singualr secure location to support completed Inspections.


Set Notifications to remind you of upcoming tasks.

Scheduled Reports & Analytics

Generate detailed reports on Inspections completed, failed, or missed.

Calendar Overview

Get a full calendar overview of upcoming Inspections.

What can FlexManager do for you?

Close up of food factory worker holding digital tablet with blank white screen
Set-up in-depth analytics and reporting to recognise trends such as completed, failed and missed Inspections.
Engineers working at lathe in turbine maintenance factory
Generate maintenance tasks directly from inspection results. Auto-assignment ensures the most relevant party is alerted immediately.
The manager of a vehicle workshop explains the tasks to be performed to an operator using a tablet.
Increase productivity through automation. Create follow up tasks directly from faults and failures by integrating with the 'Equipment Maintenance' module.
The construction site male engineer or architect is exploring and inspecting the outdoor
Set inspections based on location with company wide or project specific options available.

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