Flexpert Training

Flexpert Training


FlexManager can help your business by:

· Improving Safety Standards

· Adding Value to Your Assets

· Generate Realtime Insightful Data

· Increase Environmental Compliance

· Promote a Positive Workforce Culture

· Maintain a Level of Certifiable Quality

Through our informative 3-day course you can add an extra dimension to your business that until now may have been underappreciated.

Bring your company to new heights through the use of software already implemented internally.

Additional information

FlexManager Academy offers an in-depth course on our award-winning software and how your company can streamline its functionality.

Each course day will be focused on our wide range of solutions. Provide details of how you can increase your company’s time, cost, and resource efficiency through the use of FlexManager.

By attending FlexManager’s you will receive ‘Flexpert’ certification.

The course will provide a greater understanding of FlexManager’s wide range of solutions and how they can benefit your company in its day-to-day operations.

Each module will be broken down to highlight its configurability, and how it can match the requirements of your company’s bespoke needs.

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