NFC Tags: Anti-Metal

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What is an NFC Tag?

NFC Tags contain data that is recognised through an NFC reader which then determines what process to follow.  For example, an NFC tag written for an asset, on scan from a mobile device, will bring up that asset’s profile.  This decreases the time it takes to complete actions and when used with other technologies such as GPS, time stamps etc. the scan action becomes a method of verification and extra data capture.


NFC Tag options:

NFC tags are versatile.  As standard, they can be kept at +80°C to -40°C with rugged options available.  You can find them in stickers, cards, cable ties, plastic items and even business cards.

You probably have a few in your wallet.  ~Items such as credit cards, driver’s licences and many passports contain NFC technology.  When ordering in bulk the tags can usually be customised to suit your corporate branding.