Quality Control Solutions

Maximise your company’s potential by implementing measurable and purpose-driven standards.

Track, organise, and analyse documents that will provide you and your employees with the tools needed to encourage growth.


What we Offer

Raise Operational Standards

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Create a culture that promotes excellence across every facet of your organisation.

Develop Efficient Resource Management

Enhancing your company’s resource capacity will allow for superior planning and scheduling cross-departmentally.

Promote Positive Customer Service

Customer service executive working

Take advantage of invaluable feedback provided by your most valued customers to boost their experience.

Core Modules

Customer Complaints

Ensure your customer care team has the skills and tools to impart long-term customer satisfaction.


Maintain an audit ready record for your document control process.


Promote inter-departmental collaboration between your teams through the Helpdesk.


Add new legislation and track whether it affects the company or not.


Promote continuous improvement and knowledge sharing within your company.


Complete both proactive and reactive assessments and trigger actions for future prevention.

Quality Investigations

Build multiple investigation type to discover the root cause of any mistakes or issues that have occurred within your company.

How can we help?

For more information on how FlexManager’s Quality solutions can improve your company’s assets life cycle, contact a member of our professional and knowledgeable support team to schedule a demo