Processes and requirements are vital in hospitals as the reaction time puts lives at risk. Mater Private Cork hospital decided to improve its performance by streamlined their processes more and building data transparency. After a few months using Flex, the Mater Private Hospital in Cork achieved flawless JCI accreditation through hard work. They have expanded their module list from facilities and asset management modules to include incident and safety functions enabling a more comprehensive solution throughout the hospital.

The Mater have followed new trends by implementing a centralised management system, which provides a direct positive impact on their daily operations.

Safety Audits

  • HSE team is carried out via mobile devices.
  • Any failure triggers a corrective action.
  • The helpdesk track actions until their completion.
  • Notifications at key points with and in-depth reporting.

Incident Reporting

  • The staff have access to log incidents reports.
  • User-friendly format makes easier the navigation and information is captured effectively.
  • They have a review and investigation process through the system, alerting all the relevant parties.